Windows Azure’s dynamic and flexible platform benefits organizations of all types, by cloud enabling their products and services. Its hybrid capability helps improve system efficiency, reduces time, and offer resources to make your core business grow rapidly.

With Azure’s robust messaging functionality, GIPL offshore software development company enables to come up with both hybrid solutions as well as scalable distributed apps that run across on-premise environment and a cloud.

GIPL consider Windows Azure development as a prominent evolving technology and has been implementing it to render highly scalable cloud-based applications.

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Key Features of Window Azure:

  • Windows Azure is an open and dynamic cloud computing platform that helps build, deploy and manage applications rapidly across a global network.
  • This much talked about cloud computing system offers both PAAS (platform as a service), IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) services together with an ample number of programming languages, frameworks, and tools.
  • The beneficiary built-in auto scaling and per-minute billing system makes you pay for the infrastructure you actually need, thereby spinning up/down resources automatically based on usage. In short you can also say that Window Azure offers 99.95% monthly SLA.
  • Automatic OS, built-in-network load balancing, service patching and resiliency to hardware failure are some of the promising features of Windows Azure.
  • Application up gradation without downtime with the help of deployment model is possible with Azure.
  • Developed applications are easily scalable to any size.