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Micro finance Services

In India a large segment of the society, particularly low-income people, have very little access to formal financial services. The Indian government have been proactive in promoting ‘Financial Inclusion’ and among the various initiatives, reaching out to the un-banked and under-banked populace in partnership with Pvt. Ltd. Cos. has been seen as an innovative and sustainable method. People from this secluded part of the society too have aspirations to grow and are industrious enough to fulfill all their dreams.

Our customer-centric processes ensure that we honour the commitment of every micro-borrower by perfectly complementing their aspirations and empower them, to help achieve their dream. After all, self-reliance at the grass root level is the first step towards a self-reliant India.

Financial System Software is special application software that records all the financial activity within a business organization. Financial software can track financial accounts, categorize income and expenses, synchronize transactions with banks and credit card companies, pay bills online, work with budgets, track and analyze investments, create financial and tax-related reports, and provide at-a-glance snapshots of a financial net worth.

In this way, microfinance allows families to work to end their own poverty – with dignity. Microfinance programs around the world, using a variety of models, have shown that poor people achieve strong repayment records – often higher than those of conventional borrowers. Repayment rates are high because, through a system of peer support used in many microcredit models, borrowers are responsible for each other’s success and ensure that every member of the group is able to pay back their loans.